Xilisoft video converter ultimate 8

The best Video Converter for Mac & PC users. Let you enjoy videos anywhere. Convert more than 160 đoạn Clip and audio formatsConvert HD videos, up to lớn 1080p and 4K videoConvert 2D movies into 3DConvert videos/audquả táo to lớn iPhone/iPad/iPod, andGalaxy devices5X Speed Promotion with GPU accelerationConvert videos/audgame ios on both Mac and PC



"It is on the high side of premium video converters for trang chủ use. It automatic profiles enhanced for just any device or format, graphics thẻ detection và acceleration."


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30 Days Money Baông xã Guarantee

campusstudylab.vn iPhone Magic Platinum

Complete solutions lớn transfer, backup and manage iPhone/iPad/iPod contents, convert videos & download online videos lớn iPhone/iPad/iPod.

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campusstudylab.vn DVD to lớn Video Ultimate

Convert DVD to lớn 160+ video/audio formats to lớn play on various Mobile phones and tablets. Clip/merge/split Clip, add subtitle, watermark, effects, etc.

High-Definition, Fast and Expert Video Converter

So many video clip, audio và picture formats supported – This Video Converter for Mac & PC is more than you can imagine!

HD Video Converter

Equipped with advanced HD đoạn Clip conversion công nghệ, it can easily convert HD đoạn phim formats such as H.264 & MPEG-4 đoạn Clip.

Flexible Video Editor

With creative sầu editing tools, you can clip/merge/split files, add watermarks/subtitles/soundtracks, apply special effects and crop đoạn Clip.

Rich Conversion Profiles

It comes with optimized conversion profiles classified by device types, so you can easily find the most suitable conversion solution for your device.

Higher Conversion Speed

Powered with NVIDIA CUDA technology và AMD APP.. technology, it offers improved conversion performance, especially for HD video conversion.

More than Video Conversion

With so many features offered, this Video Converter is the complete solution for you khổng lồ enjoy multitruyền thông media life.

High-Definition Video Converter

Deliver fast đoạn Clip conversion with multi-core CPU support and produce HD-unique movies with advanced HD decoding & encoding giải pháp công nghệ.

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3D Videos Conversion

This Win & Mac Video Converter can convert 2 chiều movies into lớn 3D movies in variety of formats. Also convert 3D movies from one format lớn another.

Optimized Conversion Profiles

Come with optimized & classified conversion profiles for a wide range of multitruyền thông media devices. Customize an existing profile & saved it as your own.

đoạn phim Segments from Video

Use campusstudylab.vn Video Converter khổng lồ easily clip your favorite sections of a đoạn phim and merge them together to lớn make the video you want.

Join Several Files inlớn One

Enjoy your different video/audio/picture collections by merging them together. Add transitions between every two videos/pictures for enhanced viewing.

Add Subtitles và Soundtrack

Add subtitles to lớn your đoạn Clip và adjust their relative transparencies & positions. Dub your đoạn phim with your own voice or any soundtraông xã you fancy.

Adjust Special Effects

Crop the picture frame, adjust đoạn Clip brightness/saturation/contrast. Add artistic effects, & personalize your đoạn Clip with picture & text watermarks.

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Transfer Converted File to Device

Directly transfer the converted files lớn iTunes, iPhone, iPad, & iPod simply by campusstudylab.vn Video Converter.

iPhone 13 Series iPhone 11/12 Series iPhone X/XS/XS Max/XR iPhone 6/7/8 Series iPhone 5/5S/5C/SE iPhone 4/4S/3G/3GS